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Paige VanZant bare-knuckle debut with BKFC targeted for November with at least two title fights

It appears Paige VanZant’s debut in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships will come sooner rather than later. The former UFC fighter, who recently inked a lucrative four-fight deal with BKFC, is

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Organoids emerge as powerful tools for disease modeling and drug discovery

Measuring just a few millimeters across, clusters of cultured cells that self-assemble into three-dimensional structures may look like just tiny blobs. But these tissues, called organoids, are enabling scientists to

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Julius Baer eyes DOJ payment in FIFA matter, plans dividend

ZURICH – Julius Baer may pay tens of millions of dollars to settle U.S. allegations over its role in soccer body FIFA’s corruption affair, the Swiss bank said on Wednesday,

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Over 41 percent of cyber insurance claims in 2020 came from ransomware attacks

Ain’t no rest for the wicked, $2,000,000 don’t grow on trees A hot potato: Cyberattacks have increased in frequency since the start of the pandemic, and they’re reaching unprecedented levels.

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If we don’t find life on planets like Venus, doesn’t it make us that bit more special?

The discovery of phosphine in the planet’s atmosphere is part of our long search to understand our place in the universe The recent detection of phosphine in the atmosphere of

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